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Xyster Devices Pvt. Ltd.

Xyster Devices Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1992 & involved in trading of surgical disposable instruments till 1996. In 1997, with a commitment to health care products developing endoscopic instruments, we made a courageous breakthrough in a challenging environment to design & manufacture STONE BASKETS & RETRIEVALS in the fields of UROLOGY, GASTROENTEROLOGY & CARDIOLOGY to match International quality.

In concern to Infrastructure, this company possesses its own manufacturing unit, an in - house R & D development & an excellent dealer network with an incredible marketing strategy. Xyster Devices Pvt. Ltd.an innovative company has developed the state - of - the - art technology in INDIA for the first time to make UROLOGY, GASTROENTEROLOGY & CARDIOLOGY endoscopy stone baskets and retrievals to match International Quality. All the products are manufactured under one registered brand name “XYSTER", that has been approved by all well - recognised Institutions & Hospitals throughout INDIA. A word to say that this is the only company in INDIA to manufacture high quality one time use Baskets & Retrievals for endoscopic procedures.


XYSTER DEVICES products, especially “XYSTER" endoscopy instruments to extract stones and foreign bodies, comes with an unique advantage to match the maximum utility for different endoscopy procedures as this company possesses in - house R & D department to modify and manufacture the products to match each and every procedure requirement. Further development of many more products is in the pipeline, of which you shall be kept informed in due course.